Excellent Cuisine of Barbados to Appeal to Your Taste Buds

When you are travelling to a place, you should know the place more deeply. You should know the culture, tradition, habits and most importantly, the food habits of that place. If you are booking homes in Barbados for your next vacation, you should have some exquisite cuisine of the place. There are certain authentic dishes which may not available outside Barbados. Again, the process of preparing the dish may not be followed elsewhere. For example, what flying fish will taste in Barbados, it won’t taste like that elsewhere. Barbadians are foody and known for trying different types of cuisines.

Now, if you are in Barbados and want to have something different to offer your taste buds, you should try the local cuisine. Not only the foods, but there are certain types of exotic drinks that will make your stay over the town a lifetime memory. Experience the beautiful sunset on the beaches of Barbados while enjoying a certain type of snacks or drinks. Know about them beforehand-

  • Cou Cou

You are in Barbados and not trying the National Dish won’t be right. Have you ever had grits? This is something like that. It is made of stewed flying fish, prepared with fresh okra, cornmeal, garlic, onion, pepper, and thyme. Often it is topped with green bananas or breadfruits. Cou Cou tastes delicious and leaves a marvellous feeling on your taste buds.

  • Cutters

If you are looking for a snack, this is the one you should taste. Cutter is actually a version of the sandwich, but it tastes far better than a mere sandwich. Try Bajan cutter where regular sandwich bread is not used, but it is made of a special type of salt bread and filled with any type of filling you prefer, egg, cheese, fish, meat and finally topped with Bajan pepper sauce.

  • Mauby

As you know Barbados is not only famous for foods but serves drinks you can’t miss. Mauby is a special type of a drink, made of a particular bark of a tree that is only available in the Caribbean Islands. If you like root beer, you will also like the bitter-sweet taste of mauby too. Ingredients, like sugar, cinnamon, and essence is used in this drink to make it more happening.

  • Rice and Peas

It is a full meal and quite popular throughout the Caribbean Island. Usually, rice and pigeon peas are used to prepare the dish and it is often served with fish, chicken, beef or pork stew. Being a platter, it is a complete meal and makes you fill for long.

  • Fish Cakes

This is another popular West Indian dish that you will find in the menu cards of a 5-star restaurants and also to the street-side vendors. It is specifically a savoury mix that is prepared with salted cod fish and several other spices and herbs. They are deep-fried and the golden fish cakes are served hot. Try it with your favourite deep at the beach shacks while enjoying the relentless waves and the beautiful sunset.

  • Pudding and Souse

This is completely a unique dish that may not be available outside Barbados and West Indies. Here, the pudding is made of the intestine of pork and it is also stuffed with sweet potato and lots of other seasonings. The souse is either made of the head or feet of pork and it is served cold with cucumbers, onions, limes, hot and sweet peppers and parsley. This is really something different recipe of pork you tasted so far.

  • Macaroni Pie

You must have tried the famous Mac and Cheese of North America. Macaroni pie is the cheesy and baked version of that preparation. Tubed macaroni noodles are used here. These are broken and mixed with cheese, spices, ketchup, herbs and yellow mustard. You can make it unique by adding diced tomatoes and minced meat into it. In Barbados, it is also served with flying fish instead of meat.

  • Conkies

This is the type of Barbadian dessert that is quite popular in the town. Usually, it is prepared on the occasion of the annual independence day of the country in November, but you can have it in plush restaurants. Usually, the dish is made of pumpkins, cornmeal, coconut, sweet potatoes and certain local spices. The dessert is served, wrapped in banana leaves.

  • Coconut Bread

While salt bread is a type of savoury that is used to prepare sandwiches, the coconut bread is sweet in taste. It is made of sugar, coconut, raisins and mixed spices. You can have it as it is.

  • Rum Punch

You are in Barbados and not having their special rum will be a mistake. Though it is not a food, this cocktail with your food can make your dinner more interesting. It is a rum-based cocktail which is made of lots of spices and other types of ingredients.

  • Sea Eggs

They are also known as sea urchins. In Barbados, you can have 17 species of sea eggs, but the White Sea eggs are the delicacy of the town.

Here are different types of foods that you can have in Barbados. If you are a true foody, you will love to try different types of food while you are in the town, you will get plenty of that. Choose any kind of food and try it. Don’t forget to try beautiful cocktails.

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