Get to Know the Different Kinds of Massage Style

Massage therapy includes many styles ranging from classics to exotics. You need to select a massage style that suits your health condition or you wish to try something new.

Swedish massage therapy

Swedish massage includes 5 basic strokes – long smooth strokes [effleurage], kneading [petrissage], small circular movements [friction], percussion [tapotement] and rocking movements [vibration].

At spa massage montréal [spa massage in Montréal], the therapist uses oil and starts with broad strokes. Generally, transits to particular stroke necessary to address problematic parts of the body.

Acupressure massage

Pressure is placed on specific body points with fingerprints to stimulate energy flow and help healing. Acupressure massage relaxes mind and boy, enhances circulation, relieves pain symptoms, encourages injury healing and improves your wellbeing.


This is a Swedish massage using scented oils extracted from herbs and flowers. The scent is pleasant and possesses healing properties. Oil selected depends on your healing needs. Aromatherapy soothes different conditions like insomnia, headache, back pain, digestive disorders, and premenstrual symptoms.

Hot stone massage

Therapists place smooth warm basalt stones on particular points. While giving massage the therapist holds the stone. Tight muscles get loosened allowing therapist to access muscle tension areas quickly. People with health issues need to discuss with their health care provider if it is safe to get hot stone massage.

Deep tissue massage

Muscle knots get targeted in deep tissue massage. The problematic area inside deep muscle layers and connective tissue gets addressed. With slow strokes across muscle grain, the therapist works on chronic painful muscles, postural issues, repetitive strain or injuries. People suffering from limited mobility due to lingering injuries can find this massage style beneficial.

Shiatsu massage

Japanese massage style includes localized pressure with fingers applied in rhythmic cycle all along the body. The aim of shiatsu massage is to stimulate acupressure points, improve energy flow, and regain balance. No oil is used and massage is done on low massage table or floor. It is best solution for healing stress related issues, insomnia, sciatica, arthritis, neck and back pain.

Thai massage

Tai massage is more stimulating than any other style. It is a combination of pressing massage movements and passive stretching. You get the feel of a yoga workout without involving. The therapist moves and stretches your body in an array of postures on the floor-mat. Body energies get aligned, stress gets reduced, and flexibility improves.

Sports massage, abdominal massage, pregnancy massage, Indian head massage, Lomi lomi massage, etc are some massage style you need to know about. Online is the best way to gain detailed familiarity.