How Family Portraits Can Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Every family portrait speaks a lot of how large, small or funky a family is. In every portrait hanging on the wall depicting the smiling faces of a father, mother and their children or even family photos printed in album style through some of the best photobook site, a spirit of kindred and love can be felt. True enough, a picture speaks a thousand words about a family. That is why several notable family psychologists have agreed and concluded that there is a powerful connection between family photography and the reliance or confidence of family members, most especially children.

The Revealing Study

In 1975, several psychologists from Tulane University have conducted a research experiment on a population of fourth graders of Tennessee. For a span of five (5) weeks, the children received cameras and were to take photos of themselves and their activities. The Polaroid photos created by the children were then compiled every week. At the end of the experiment, the experts and even the teachers of the children themselves noticed a significant spike in the children’s self-esteem patterns. The 37% increase led the experts to the generalization that personal photography in children, when appreciated and seen, can help improve self-esteem.

In addition, Dr. Krauss from Ohio has once inferred that the unity or singlehood of any family is very important to be portrayed, especially to children. In a child’s point of view, he feels more valued as a significant member of the family unit when he see himself a part of it. Thus, family photographs have the overall effect of making anyone feel like such family is a safe haven for the kids. In fact, in 1983, licensed psychologist Dr. Krauss has co-authored a reference text entitled “Photo Therapy and Mental Health” as a pioneer of this belief and connection between family portraits and boosting a child’s self-worth.

Family Portraits and A Child’s Boosted Confidence

Here are some noteworthy reasons why and how portraying family portraits can elevate a child’s outlook of himself.

  • Family portraits speak of origin and belongingness.

Children can learn about the family’s lineage and remember their family ties easily because of family portraits. Today, with the increase advancement in digital photography, the emergence of the best photo book sites that prints important compilation of photos into a single, high resolution photo book album is quite alluring. Parents can introduce to young kids the unique stories about their family through portraits. Likewise, when a child sees himself a part of a family portrait with many matchless stories, he sees himself a part of some origin. Thus, his sense of belongingness improves the way he sees himself as a person.

  • Family portraits hung on the wall speak of importance.

There is more to a photograph especially when it is placed somewhere always visible like living room walls. When family portraits are hung on the wall, a child who is a part of those photos get the intentional message that the family is important. And because the family is important, he is also important. A sense of significance in any person’s life, particularly among children, is one of the first few critical milestones to developing and boosting self-worth.

While there is basically no difference between a family portrait saved on a mobile device and those printed and hung on the walls, the latter places more significance to the people who are in the pictures.

  • Family portraits displayed in a child’s bedroom are special.

Dr. Krauss even recommended that more than displaying family portraits in the living room for everyone to see, hanging pictures of the family in the child’s bedroom means a lot. Particularly when these photos include the kids themselves, it sends the message to the children that they are special and dearly loved. Having those family portraits as a part of every waking day of children can signal them the idea that the family loves and cares for them. It is when children feel loved and cared for that they are most prone to express themselves openly and share their talents and gifts to everyone.

Certainly, family portraits can give kids a rich understanding of themselves. Powerful family photography can definitely boost self-esteem in children.