How to Make the Most of a Rainy Day at Home with Family

When a rainstorm is in the forecast, it can leave the entire family feeling anxious, bored, and moody. The cloudy skies block the sun and the unpredictable conditions of the roads and surroundings often force everyone to stay in doors. Before long, your kids are arguing about everything, your spouse has retreated to their safe haven, and your dog – is nowhere to be found. You’ve got to bring some sense of calm before things get out of hand. Here are a few suggestions:

Calm the Dog

You could raise a confident dog and still find that they run for cover the moment thunder starts rolling. There are plenty of tips on how to calm your dog during a storm. Some might include wrapping them up in a blanket and holding them close so they feel secure, distracting them through play or basic training commands, or perhaps giving them something for anxiety like CBD oil or a nice massage.

Rangle Up the Kids

Now that the dog is calm, it’s time to get the kids under control. When they’re cooped up in the house for too long they may start to act out as a form of entertainment or a means to get attention. Gather the kids and find some ways to occupy their time. If they’re afraid of the rain too, sitting with them, distracting them, or showing them there’s nothing to be afraid of  are ideal to get them to calm down.

Watch Movies

Movies are always a great way to spend time with the family. There are a lot of free movies online or affordable movie options through streaming services you can check into. Make it a movie marathon day where you spend it watching all your favorite movies together in your pjs.

Play Board Games

Though video games can be a lot of fun, the best experiences still tend to be in good old-fashioned board games. Pull out the checkers, connect four, sorry, trouble, and whatever other games you have and challenge your children to a day of fun and friendly competition. If you have treats in the house, you could use those as trophies or rewards for the winners to make it more engaging.

Arts and Crafts

You can never go wrong with arts and crafts projects. Crafting is fun for all ages as it is a means to creatively express yourself. You can make jewelry, paintings, sculptures, or whatever else your kids are interested in to pass the time.

Cook Together

The rain won’t stop your appetite so why not make it fun? You and the kids can create easy to make meals. Try kid favorites like pizza or pasta which can be easily customized. Allowing your children to choose their own sauces, cheeses, and toppings, makes it even more fun.

The rain might make it difficult for you to go outside and find entertainment, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit at home and suffer (or go insane). There are plenty of free and affordable ways you can keep your family happy and entertained indoors. The above-mentioned ideas will keep the kids and your pets calm while also creating the perfect experiences for you to bond and make new memories – despite the stormy weather.