Muscle pain causing problems? Here’s what you do

We list simple measures to deal with muscle pain by yourself.

Many people struggle with different forms of muscle pain. If you have painful muscles, a doctor can ascertain the cause for you. However, if the cause of the muscle pain is a minor injury or stress, then you can deal with it on your own.

We’ve compiled a simple guide to help you know how to get rid of muscle pain with some basic corrective steps:

* Find out what causes the pain. Knowing how to get rid of muscle pain begins with finding out the triggers for the pain. It could a simple pull, or a micro tear after exercise. It could also be due to soreness, inflammation due to a medical condition, blunt trauma, or another cause that a doctor can ascertain. If you realise that the cause of the muscle pain is due to something you did, eliminate it at once. You might need to alter a few habits so that your muscles are not stressed.

* Use a pain relief spray. Some kinds of muscle pain can stop you in your tracks. You might have pain in your lower limbs or back, which makes it difficult to move. Instead of bearing it silently, just grab a can of Moov spray and apply the spray on the painful muscle. Do this after applying an ice pack if there is swelling, or a hot compress if there is just pain. The Moov spray contains active painkilling ingredients like wintergreen oil, turpentine oil, eucalyptus oil and mint extract. The liquid penetrates deep within the painful tissues and removes the cause of muscle pain rapidly.

* Exercise within limits.Daily exercise keeps the muscles supple, but overdoing it can cause pain and tearing. You might want to sprint on the treadmill or in the outdoors, but if you experience pain instead of a mild soreness after running, then you either need to run slower or alternate between jogging and sprinting. Your painful back may be the result of working out without proper stretching before or after the workout. Know how much your body can take, and work to gradually increase stamina and strength.A muscle rub for athletes is essential if you are training for a sports event.

* Rest the painful muscle. Your painful muscles need a chance to recover and repair themselves, and the best way to give them this chance is to go to sleep for 8 hours. Switch off all digital devices, get the room as dark as possible and try to get uninterrupted sleep. Your body heals itself while you slumber, so you will wake up feeling less pain in your muscles.