Reasons Why You Should Be Screened for Colon Cancer

As you get older, it seems like there are more and more things for a person to worry about. Some of them are kind of silly, such as worrying about a little bit of sagging skin, but some of them are extremely serious. Colon cancer is a very real concern for people as they age, but unfortunately, there are too many people that just outright refuse to go to the doctor.

The thing about colon cancer is that it can be detected before it even has a chance to turn into cancer, but failing to go the doctor to get screened stops people from finding out that they need immediate treatment. If you’re the type of person that wouldn’t go to the doctor if they were in someone else’s body, keep reading to learn why getting screened is so important.

Prevent Colorectal Cancer

When a colonoscopy is performed, the doctor can actually detect the presence of precancerous polyps. These polyps, if left untreated, can turn into cancer before you even know what’s happening. If you can have the doctor remove the polyps, then you’re able to remove the cancer before it even becomes a problem. If you care about your life, then get screened as soon as possible.

Early Cancer Detection

Even if you aren’t able to find the precancerous polyps in time, a colon cancer screening can detect the early stages of colon cancer in your body. Being able to find the cancer in its early stages makes your chances of beating it increase dramatically.

There are Several Options

If the reason you don’t want to get screened is because you’re a bit nervous about having a colonoscopy, then you’re in luck. Thanks to incredible advances in technology, there is now more than one way of getting screened for colon cancer. Doctors can now perform one of the following procedures to detect colon cancer in their patients:

  • Stool tests
  • Virtual CT scan
  • Flexible sigmoidoscopy

Even though there are other options, the colonoscopy is still the most effective way for doctors to detect colon cancer. So, if you learn more about colon cancer in Singapore, and realise that you finally need to get screened, then getting a colonoscopy is definitely your best bet.

Love Yourself

Most likely there are a number of people in this world that love and depend on you to be here on Earth. Your spouse, your children, and your grandchildren deserve to have you in their lives for as long as they possibly can, so don’t waste another moment being stubborn. Show them that you love them, and yourself, enough to get screened for colon cancer. It may be uncomfortable or a little awkward, but it could save your life.

It’s understandable why you don’t want to get screened. It’s scary to think about having cancer, which is why most people neglect to go to the doctor. Take care of your body and get a colon screening as soon as possible. Your very life could be on the line, so what exactly are you waiting for?