Spice Up Your Summer with Fiery Thai Dishes at Aanch

Summers are usually our favourite time of the year. Though the sun is in its full form, the air conditioners at popular dining places make it possible for us to step outside the house. With some respite in the evenings, summers are often a great time for people to catch up with one another and hang out at their favourite eateries.

Out of the several cuisines that are available in several restaurants, Thai cuisine seems to be gaining popularity amongst the Delhiites because the flavours of Thai dishes are somewhat similar to our Indian dishes. Thai dishes also make use of good amount of spices in their meals and ensure that there is a spicy flavour.

Aanch is a popular restaurant located in Rajouri Garden, which is known to serve the best Thai food in that area. The restaurant is very spacious and offers both indoor as well as outdoor seating arrangement. It is located at one of the prime locations in Rajouri Garden. Shoppers’ Stop Mall is the closest landmark. Aanch provides an ambience that looks quite extravagant. It ensures that all customers have a lovely casual dining experience with the help of deep conversations, yummy food and lot of amusement. Elements like refreshing and exotic drinks, scrumptious preparations, elegant décor and peppy music make it an ideal destination to dine with your friends and families.

Here are some of the best dishes of Thai cuisine that you must try when you visit Aanch.

Tom Yum Soup

You must surely begin your dining with the help of some Thai appetizers. The menu offers a variety of soups and salads. Amongst the soups, the Tom Yum Soup is most popular one. Tom Yum soup is one of the traditional recipes of Thailand and the concoction of coconut milk, lime and lemongrass is intoxicating. It is available both as vegetarian and non-vegetarian and is very healthy. It is served along with delicious spring rolls.

Chilly Chicken Pao

Another popular dish that you must try is Chilly Chicken Pao. You all must be familiar with the taste of chilly chicken, but Chilly Chicken Pao causes the threshold of being delicious by adding new flavours like bell pepper, peanuts, Sichuan peppers and peppercorns. They are stirred spicy and the presentation is so appetizing that it is going to make you drool over it. The restaurant serves this Chilly Chicken Pao with a dressing of garlic chutney and mint mayo and the overall taste is awesome.

Assorted Dimsums Baskets

One of the most popular dishes of Thai cuisine is dimsums. Aanch serves a basket of dimsums of various types. The different types of dimsums that are beautifully presented in this basket are steam, kothe and siu mai dumplings. The siu mai dumplings usually have a filling of mushrooms, pork or shrimp depending on your choice. The dimsums have the option to be either steamed or fried according to your taste.

Wongs Fish

This is a must-try for all those who relish fish. The fish is marinated with the help of spices and then baked. It is usually in the flavour of basil and lemon. The lemon is known to add a little tangy taste to the fish and the basil makes sure that the sourness of lemon does not overpower the flavour of the fish.

Bangkok Chicken

For the main course, you certainly cannot miss the Bangkok Chicken. The base of the dish is inspired from the traditional Thai curries and is served with nicely cooked and fried chicken juliennes. It is so delicious that it will surely become one of your favourites.

Address: 4th Floor Terrace, Shoppers Stop Mall, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, 110027, India.

These are some of the famous dishes that Aanch is famous for. Make sure you try them.