The Hidden Dangers of a Low Carbohydrate Diet

Have you been on a keto diet for some time now? It is a belief that a low carbohydrate diet makes people lean and encourage the body to generate energy from the proteins. Unbeknownst by many, it has some underlying dangers that need to be discussed openly. According to reports, most athletes end up messing their health and fitness. Good news is that the hidden dangers are now explained here so that all fitness enthusiast and athletes can know.

Lack of Certain Nutrients

One thing you will realize is that a person who is taking the low carbohydrate diet limits the food they can take. It is a highly selective food choice program where one reduces the amount of high carbohydrate food or eliminates most of them totally. As an athlete, you probably need most of the foods that contain a couple of other nutrients apart from carbohydrates. If your diet is not planned well by a nutritionist, you are likely to suffer a nutritional deficiency.

Low Blood Sugar

People are not supposed to have a lower blood sugar than normal. As much as those with type 2 diabetes care about maintaining a low blood sugar level, this is not the ideal position for athletes. As you start the low carb diet, you will realize that the body will struggle to operate at a low blood sugar level. The main signs are lack of energy, feeling dizzy and lack of vigor to workout.


As athletes take steroids, they need to be well hydrated to make maximum use of the supplements. However, a low carb diet is known to cause dehydration in the body. This happens when the glycogen stores are left without anything both in the liver and overall muscles. All doctors, therefore, recommend drinking more water to prevent this and the increment should start as soon as you start to cut the carbs.

Kidney Problems

There are a couple of reasons why your kidneys may have a problem if you start a low carb diet. One of them is dehydration as discussed above. As an athlete, sweating a lot means losing water and the kidney must be in optimum operation. Now that your glycogen levels are low, you will probably have problems with the kidney. Another one is the fact that more protein in the body puts a strain on your kidney. If care is not taken, your kidney will start having problems.

Loss of Electrolytes

First, let us mention what electrolytes do in the body. They regulate your heartbeat and the overall cardiac functionality. As the glycogen levels get low and heart muscles are lost, the electrolytes levels will also get low leaving you exposed. That is why doctors also say that people who embark on a low carb diet without better plans are more likely to suffer cardiac arrest.

Final Word

Low carbohydrate diet is recommended for weight loss. It will for sure cut some pounds on your body when taken well. However, the above risks should also be considerations to make. Before, starting the diet plan, consult well from both doctors and nutritionists.