What Remedies you could avail for Treating Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis would be best described as the inflammation and irritation of plantar fascia. It is a thick fibrous tissue band extending from the heel to the toes. It has been a supportive platform for the arch of the foot. It would be the inflammation of the plantar fascia.

Symptoms of plantar fasciitis

People suffering with this condition would be suffering from heel pain, heel spurs, pain behind the ball of the foot, pain all through the arch and other issues. Most people may complain about experiencing pain where arch meet with the heel. After long duration of rest, most people would feel severe pain, as the plantar fascia would tighten during rest and stretched suddenly when weight is placed on it. However, during the day, the plantar fascia would stretch when you walk. Therefore, it may not tighten as much, hence causing less pain.

Cause of plantar fasciitis

Flat feet or low arches have been known to affect the position of the plantar fascia. It would lead to causing plantar fasciitis. It would be pertinent to mention here that excessive stretching or irritation of the plantar fascia would cause severe problems. It may be inclusive of excessive promotion, which could cause micro tears in the area where plantar fascia connects to the heel. Pronation would occur when the heel bone would angle inwards along with the collapsing of the arch. The foot alignment would change plantar fascia enough to cause plantar fasciitis. Some more causes may be inclusive of the following:

  • Having higher arch
  • Overweight or pregnancy
  • Improper or uncomfortable footwear
  • Increased level of physical activity

Treatment to curb plantar fasciitis

An effective and efficient treatment would be usage of arch supports or foot orthotics. Several patients may have benefitted from the treatment, but the complicated feet would be required to see a podiatrist. They would offer a customized solution to plantar fasciitis. The foot orthotic would help you distribute the weight evenly. The foot would be placed in a position whereby the strain would be diverted away from plantar fascia. It would help you decrease the fasciitis.

In event of the foot arches contributing to the condition, the arch support would provide adequate cushion to the heel and absorb the shock. It would help by supporting the arch while working simultaneously towards equal distribution of weight while you walk.

Yet another remède à la faciite plantaire would be stretching and strengthening exercises, night splints, heel cups and appropriate footwear.